The activity of the Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development of Ukraine n.a. academician .V.S. Mihalevich aimed at effective commercialization of innovative, high-tech and internationally competitive scientific developments. We believe that the cooperation of science and business in this area will accelerate the practical implementation of scientific developments and innovative inventions, will contribute to the organization of additional jobs in the high technology sectors of economic activity and create conditions for the formation of transnational innovation systems.

In our work, we are pursuing the following objectives:

1. The development of science and technology through the provision of targeted support for the most promising scientific and technical projects.
2. Identification of talented scientists and establishment of appropriate conditions for their further research activities
3. Improving the competitiveness of scientific and technical products and their promotion
4. Orientation of scientific and technical research and development to address the real pressing problems.
5. Development of partnerships and support effective interaction between central government, educational and research institutions, industry and business structures.

The foundation takes into consideration scientific and technical projects on open procedure. We provide targeted information, marketing, organizational and financial support to the selected projects. In order to apply for a review of your project, please, fill out and send by an e-mail the following form.

We will be glad to answer your questions by phone:
+38 067 239 1335
+38 067 500 7444

or by e-mail:
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